The Mars Global Food Safety Center is a state-of-the-art research and training facility in Beijing, China that is at the heart of a global network of partners and collaborators tackling the most significant food safety challenges facing the planet today.

Our Current Areas of Focus

At Mars, we believe everyone has the right to safe food. We also believe food safety is a shared responsibility between industry, governments, manufacturers, academia and non-government organizations. That is why we advocate for a new approach to food safety, one rooted in collaboration and knowledge sharing, as part of our commitment to creating a better world tomorrow. It is also why, in September 2015, we opened the Mars Global Food Safety Center. By leveraging key collaborations and partnerships, alongside breakthroughs in science and technology, we are helping to address the most significant food safety challenges. We are currently focused on three critical areas of food safety:


Microbial Risk Management

We are investigating innovative, new technologies and methodologies with the potential to transform the management of microbial risk from reactive to predictive and ultimately preventative.


Mycotoxin Risk Management

Our goal is to mitigate and, ultimately, eradicate harmful mycotoxins. We work with strategic partners to generate new knowledge, build capability and develop training, and practical solutions which can be applied to help mitigate risk at vulnerable points in the food supply chain.

Food Integrity

Food Integrity

We investigate cutting edge tools, methods and capabilities to help mitigate food integrity challenges across the global food supply chain, helping to protect raw food materials and finished products.

We believe industry has a crucial role to play in helping all stakeholders in the food supply chain identify food safety risks and solutions. That is why we take a pre-competitive approach to food safety, one rooted in collaboration and knowledge sharing, as part of our pledge to ensure safe food for all. 

You can find a full list and library of our research and publications here

Harnessing the Power of International Collaboration

The Mars Global Food Safety Center has more than 25 global food safety partnerships and research collaborations.

We are committed to helping all stakeholders in the global food supply chain identify food safety risks and find solutions. We collaborate with global partners to help deliver food safety training programs and educational insights that promote food safety awareness and encourage good practice.

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