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A majority of the work undertaken at our center is of a pre-competitive nature, making it truly outward facing and dedicated to sharing knowledge that will make the world’s food supply safer. Read more about the latest research, blogs and stories happening in the food safety industry today.

August training

The Mars GFSC Helps Address Mars Supplier Capability Building Through Food Safety Training

In August, the GFSC brought together over 150 learners through a series of virtual and face-to-face training sessions on HACCP, GFSI and Mycotoxin risk management.


Collaborating to Tackle Aflatoxins across the Supply Chain

The Food Safety Coalition (FSC) was formed: to bring together a group of like-minded organizations to progress solutions in the critical food safety solutions at pace.

2021 GFSC Scorecard

At Mars, we believe everyone has the right to safe food. This report shares more about our mission, purpose and progress to date.