Food Integrity

We investigate cutting edge tools, methods and capabilities to help mitigate food integrity challenges across the global food supply chain, helping to protect raw food materials and finished products.

Our Approach

The integrity of the global food supply chain is being challenged by food adulteration and food fraud for commercial gain.

High value food and drink, where low quality alternatives can be substituted for the more expensive genuine product, are particularly susceptible to fraud. Rice is one such example where high value grains can be mixed with low-cost, low-grade grains for commercial gain,

While many food fraud cases present little or no risk to human health there are high profile cases where fraudulent activity has seriously compromised food safety and all food fraud cases compromise quality, mislead consumers and negatively impact the reputation of food manufacturers.

We collaborate with global partners to develop new and improved tools and analytical methods that help protect the integrity of raw materials and finished products.


The US congress estimates that food fraud costs the food and drinks industry between $10 billion and $15 billion per year, affecting approximately 10% of all commercially sold food products.


Food supply chains now cross multiple national borders. The World Health Organization urges governments, producers and consumers to collaborate to help ensure food safety.


The World Health Organization states that access to safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health.

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Explore Our Primary Areas of Focus


Microbial Risk Management

We are investigating innovative, new technologies and methodologies with the potential to transform the management of microbial risk from reactive to predictive and ultimately preventative.  


Mycotoxin Risk Management

Our goal is to mitigate and, ultimately, eradicate harmful mycotoxins. We work with strategic partners to generate new knowledge, build capability and develop training, and practical solutions which can be applied to help mitigate risk at vulnerable points in the food supply chain.