Food for Thought Podcast: How Mars is Taking on Food Integrity, Food Fraud and Adulteration


Cuckston, Georgina

Science Communications Manager

Food Integrity

Dr. Susan Blount, Corporate Research and Development (R&D) Director, Mars recently sat down with Erin Hallstrom, host of Food Processing Magazine’s Food for Thought Podcast to talk about what Mars is doing to tackle major food safety issues including food integrity, food fraud and adulteration.

Listen to the podcast as Dr. Blount uncovers the fundamentals of what food integrity is – and isn’t - and what Mars is doing to help ensure a safe food system, before taking a deeper dive into industry best practices across the world when it comes to the representation – and misrepresentation - of food and how that impacts the global supply chain.

Food for Thought:

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What is food integrity?

Food integrity is really the basis of our relationship with the people who buy our products. They probably don't tend to think about food integrity—it's not something we want them to worry about. When it goes wrong, we start to see food that might be economically motivated adulterated.

For instance, at one level there’s diluting a premium product with a cheaper one. Another example would be claiming something is a halal product when it isn’t all halal ingredients. The highest level would be a situation where you might end up with food that isn't safe because of any adulterations that have taken place. An example of this would be undeclared allergens.

Fraudulent food is estimated to cost the food industry about 30 billion euros a year. This is a huge issue for the food industry to tackle. As a consumer business, it is vital to maintain consumer trust in our products. The Mars GFSC is working with expert partners across the business and externally to champion for more consistent harmonization across borders as well as develop novel technologies that will enable us to rapidly detect fraudulent foods.

At Mars, we believe in a better world tomorrow where everyone is thriving. To find out more about food safety at Mars follow the Mars GFSC LinkedIn now.

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