Microbial Risk Management

We are investigating innovative, new technologies and methodologies with the potential to transform the management of microbial risk from reactive to predictive and ultimately preventative.

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Our Approach

The Mars Global Food Safety Center tests and evaluates innovative, new technologies and methodologies which have the potential to transform the management of microbial risk from reactive to predictive and ultimately preventative.

Globalization of food production and trade is making the food supply chains longer, complicating foodborne disease outbreak investigations and product recalls in the case of emergencies.

Food contamination with potentially harmful bacteria and their associated toxins can occur anywhere within the global food supply chain and food preparation in the home.

Food contamination has far reaching effects beyond direct public health organizations – it undermines food exports, tourism, livelihoods of food handlers and economic development

Our goal is to develop scientific capabilities that help prevent microbial contamination of food and build robust supply chains.


Each year 1 in 10 people fall ill after eating contaminated food, and 420,000 people die as a result, according to statistics from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.


Illness linked to unsafe food overloads healthcare systems and damages economies, trade and tourism. The World Health Organization estimates that unsafe food costs low- and middle-income economies around $95 billion in lost productivity each year.


Food safety is not just a problem for developing countries.  Even in the world’s richest economies the problem persists. The World Health Organization reports that every year 1 in 6 Americans suffer from a foodborne illness, costing the US economy an estimated US$51 billion to US$77 billion, with similar estimates for Europe.

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Featured Microbial Stories

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Mars GFSC Director Guangtao Zhang joins Food Safety Matters to discuss critical challenges in food safety.

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Working on cutting edge research and technologies which have the potential to save the lives of millions of people inspires me every day.

Explore Our Primary Areas of Focus


Mycotoxin Risk Management

Our goal is to mitigate and, ultimately, eradicate harmful mycotoxins. We work with strategic partners to generate new knowledge, build capability and develop training, and practical solutions which can be applied to help mitigate risk at vulnerable points in the food supply chain.

food integrity

Food Integrity

We investigate cutting edge tools, methods and capabilities to help mitigate food integrity challenges across the global food supply chain, helping to protect raw food materials and finished products.