The Mars Global Food Safety Center Leads the Way at Food Authenticity Conference in China


Gaynor Pengelly

Food integrity forum 2020

‘Ensuring the integrity of the global food supply chain through collaboration, knowledge-sharing and innovative technology is key to ensuring safe food.’ That was the message from the Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC) at 2020 International Forum on Food Authenticity Technology and Industry Development, which took place in early November in in Beijing, China.

Food safety experts from around the world attended at the high-profile conference to share knowledge and discuss actions and strategies to overcome food authenticity challenges.

The two-day international event, which was hosted by Mars GFSC partner, the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries (CNRIFF), provided a global stage for Dr. Yuwei Chang, Senior Research Scientist at the Mars GFSC to deliver a presentation,  entitled: Industrial Practice on Food Integrity Management.

Dr. Chang shared insights from her work on the development of cutting-edge tools and analytical methods to help mitigate food integrity challenges across the global food supply chain. She explained why the Mars GFSC is committed to helping ensure safe food for all and how the prevention of food fraud and foreign material contamination risk can support the protection of raw food materials and food products.

Yuwei Chang's presentation

She also talked about the Mars commitment for creating a better world tomorrow through The Mars Five Principles and Mars Quality Management Program (QMP) and called for ‘greater collaboration’ in food safety, to share collective knowledge, expertise, and explore technology and innovation to help ensure the integrity of the global food supply chain.

The Mars GFSC hosted a booth at the event, attracting much interest from the delegation, and providing a welcome opportunity to share its ground-breaking research and vision to help ensure safe food for all for a better world tomorrow.

GFSC booth

Dr. Chang said: “The Mars GFSC is proud to partner with The China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries to seek ways to address food integrity challenges and raise the bar on food safety not only in China, but in the rest of the world, through knowledge sharing, dialogue, and collaboration.”

The Mars GFSC has set ambitious targets for food integrity risk management.  To learn more about our work and our global partnerships, please click HERE.


Food integrity forum 2020