Food Safety Coalition Kicks-off, Starting with Focus on Aflatoxins


Rebecca Bieniaszewska

Mycotoxin Image

On May 14, with key public and private organizations, we came together to discuss actionable solutions in food safety, starting with the critical area of data and knowledge sharing on aflatoxins.

This meeting is part of an effort identified during the CEO Consultations in the run to the UN Food Systems Summit, where business leaders have engaged to contribute ideas that could transform the food systems to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. One of the priority areas identified in the consultations is food safety as a fundamental component of food security and building resilient food systems. Within that, the aim of the food safety coalition is to identify specific food safety actions in the run up to the summit, and to keep working on them beyond the summit to progress a long-term, transformational food safety agenda.

As a global food manufacturer, we believe we have a clear responsibility to lead in food safety. However, we also believe no single entity can do this alone. That’s why we’re taking a truly collaborative approach to food safety, one rooted in fostering mutual sharing and collaboration. We’re excited and honored by the coalition that will be coming together to help address this challenge.

A summary of the meeting outcomes is available at the link here: Summary from Food Safety Coalition workshop, May 2021



Mycotoxin Image