How Science and Technology are Fueling the Future Of Mars


Jean-Christophe Flatin is President of Innovation, Science, Technology and Mars Edge at Mars. Here, Jean-Christophe shares his insights on the Mars Global Food Safety Center’s (GFSC) secret for success, how the GFSC’s rigorous approach to science is making a global impact and why Mars R&D is a great place to work.

Happy fifth anniversary to the Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC)! Thank you to all those involved who have created very strong foundations on which to build an even more promising future.

At Mars, we believe everyone has the right to safe food and as a global manufacturer we have a responsibility to help tackle food safety issues impacting the global food supply chain and help find solutions. That’s why we opened the Mars GFSC in 2015, to help address some of the most pressing food safety challenges through rigorous research, training and collaboration. For me, the Mars GFSC embodies our investment, commitment and belief in science and technology. I see this unwavering belief in science and technology as an enabler - an un-locker of our future business through innovation, quality and food safety. I also see great projects that aim to address significant real-world challenges through a focus on fundamental science and its application across Mars. I see meaningful opportunities to share our belief in science and scientific truths beyond our organization.

I’m so proud of how the Mars GSFC is leading and driving progress through a unique combination of fundamental science, applied science and computational science. When I think of how we’re applying this combination to transform food safety for example, our collaborative work with Oxford Nanopore Technologies which is testing state-of-the-art technology on key pathogens such as Salmonella  is where fundamental science, together with innovative technologies and bioinformatics can transform the approach to microbial risk management, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our own business, and raising the bar for all.

The work the Mars GFSC is becoming visible beyond the walls of Mars through the recognition from world class international organizations the World Food Programme (WFP). We are honoured to partner with WFP on their quality and food safety program, which is an absolute acknowledgement of the genuine, true faith in the value of open collaboration and our scientific capability.

The link between food safety and food security was established in the first ever definition of food security but is often overlooked or forgotten. The world’s most vulnerable, in both developed and developing nations are the most at risk from food insecurity. Through the partnerships between Mars and FAO and WFP over the last few years we’ve seen that addressing food safety is essential if we’re to improve food security.  Indeed, there is no food security without food safety.

We’re protecting our company’s future and, at the same time, working to protect the future of the most vulnerable populations. I’m incredibly proud that our capabilities and science have the potential to so positively impacts so many.

The Mars GFSC’s first five years have built a strong foundation for the future, and we’ll continue into the next five years and beyond with the strong belief in rigorous science, embracing diversity, fostering uncommon collaboration across the world. And we’ll do that not just for our future goals, but also for the good of the world beyond. Happy fifth anniversary to the Mars GFSC! Thank you to all those involved who have created very strong foundations on which to build an even more promising future.

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